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STARTER Websites begin at just $799

Custom starter websites begin at just $799* and that will get your business online, attracting customers and marketing your products or services. The starter website is meant for businesses that don't want to or need to update the content on their website very often. Usually these sites are only a few pages, with most emphasis being on the homepage, an about page, a products or services page, and a contact page. For more information please request a quote online!

HOT Marketing & Design web sites are tested for compatibility in the following industry leading web browsers:

Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Chrome Opera

Internet Explorer





Get the professional, elegant and custom web design that works best for you. Our experienced web designers will ensure that your website design meets your exact requirements, achieves all of your goals, and stays within your allocated budget. We develop quality custom templates with both you and your end-users in mind. While ensuring that your project meets your all your needs, we strive to provide a rewarding interactive user experience and retain the flexibility to be able to meet changing market conditions.

Once you approve the custom design for your web site, our designers will slice the mockup into optimized files and then reassemble them into a template that adheres to the strict or transitional W3C compliance standards for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The final working template will look identical to the mockup design.

We employ the latest technologies and techniques to engage the vast majority of intended users of your web site. We also focus a significant portion of the development process to effectively organizing and structuring the content of the site to employ our successful search engine optimization and placement techniques which will enable the leading search engines to correctly and effectively index your site.

Our current rate for all web design tasks billed outside of our packages is: $75 / hour


This is our entry level website package meant for small businesses that don't require a complex website but still want a professional online presence to market their business.

  • 1-5 Custom Pages
  • Pro Design
  • Contact Form
  • Google Analytics
  • Newsletter w/Signup
  • Easy Content Management
  • Basic SEO & Placement



This is our mid level website package designed for our small to medium businesses that require a more interactive website with more features, more content and a custom design.

  • 5-10 Custom Pages
  • Custom Design Template
  • Contact Form
  • Google Analytics
  • 1 Custom Webform
  • 1 Rotating Banner Ad
  • Calender w/Events
  • Newsletter w/Signup
  • Forum or Blog w/User Accounts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Advanced Content Management
  • Advanced SEO & Placement



This is our top level website package designed for online stores and businesses that require complex website solutions, including online registrations, subscriptions and downloadable content (mp3, video, software, etc).

  • 10-15 Custom Pages
  • Custom Design Template
  • Contact Form
  • Google Analytics
  • 2 Custom Webforms
  • 3 Rotating Banner Ads
  • Calendar w/Events
  • Newsletter w/Signup
  • Custom Newsletter Template
  • Forum or Blog w/User Accounts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Customizable Products Catalog
  • Secure (SSL Encryption) Login
  • E-Commerce Payment System
  • Easy Order Processing System
  • Advanced Content Management
  • Advanced SEO & Placement


* Starter websites offered for $799, Pro websites offered for $799 and E-Commerce websites offered for $1199 are only available when purchased with a 1 year hosting and maintenance package which start at $49.98 per month. For a website purchased without the hosting and maintenance package, the minimum price for a Starter website is $999, for a Pro website it is $1999 and for an E-Commerce website it is $3499. All final prices are based on quotations provided after the requirements for the website have been disclosed to HOT Marketing Inc. Please use our online quote request form to contact us for a project quote.

Payment Terms Website Design & Development
Hourly $75/ hour
Prepay 10 Hours Option Available at a Discount
Prepay 20 Hours Option Available at a Discount
Prepay 40 Hours Option Available at a Discount

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