Service Models

Service Models

Project by Project

If you have just one project in mind then this will most likely be the best solution for you. We will start off with an initial consultation to get your project requirements, give you a rough estimate and determine if the project is feasible.

We will then work with you to define the scope of your project, provide you with a quote based on the defined requirements and an estimated timeline for the project deliverables and deadline.

Finally we will sign an agreement, and as soon as you provide us with a deposit then our team will start working on your project. We will go through various stages of project planning, development, testing and documentation.

Once the project has been completed and all of the defined project requirements have been met, any further additions or modifications will be considered as a separate project and will be quoted and scheduled as such.

Service Level Agreement

If your project(s) are going to require ongoing work and attention, then the best solution for you would be to enter into a service level agreement with us. This maintains lower prices for our SLA clients, and it benefits you because your project(s) will always have a set amount of time allocated and scheduled with our developers.

Partnerships / Joint Ventures

In some cases we will offer select clients an option to work as joint venture partners and don’t charge for our services. Instead we get a portion of the revenues or get paid for achieving certain results.

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